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  • How to add fluorescent whitening agent in the production of polyester staple fiber

    Polyester bottles have the advantages of light weight, not easy to break, corrosion resistance, etc., and are widely used in food packaging. But waste polyester bottles are difficult to degrade, and incineration will produce harmful gases and pollute the environment. Recycled polyester staple fib...
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  • Talk about the whitening principle of fluorescent whitening agent

    To understand the whitening principle of fluorescent whitening agents, we must first understand the relationship between light and color. The ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that light is color, and only when there is light can there be color, because without it there would be no sce...
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  • Application of several water-soluble fluorescent whitening agents in papermaking

    We know that commonly used water-soluble optical brighteners are stilbenes such as optical brighteners VBL and CXT. The optical brightener VBL has two structures, cis and trans, and the trans structure has a good whitening effect. Sunlight and high temperature can transform the trans structure in...
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  • Fluorescent brightener production is now sluggish

    2020 is more difficult than 2019. The new coronavirus first broke out in Wuhan, China, and then spread across the country. The Chinese government tried to seal the city to stop the epidemic and use the national manpower, financial and material resources to win the epidemic war. At the same time, ...
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  • Talking about the production process of fluorescent whitening agent VBL

    Today, let’s talk about the fluorescent whitening agent VBL. This whitening agent was produced by manufacturers in China in the 1960s. The product output has just begun to be used for cellulose and fabric whitening, and later it is mainly paper whitening. In the process of use, the fluoresc...
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  • Detailed production process of fluorescent brightener OB-1

    Fluorescent whitening agent OB-1 is a very important oxazole fluorescent whitening agent. It plays an important role in the entire family of whitening agents. From 1990s to the present, the production process of this fluorescent whitening agent has been continuously improved. This makes the price...
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  • JBS Fluorescent Whitening Agent CBS-127 Synthesis Process

    Fluorescent whitening agent CBS-127 is an important member of the whitening agent family. It has excellent weather resistance, especially in the application of PVC plastic pulp whitening. Due to its pale yellow appearance, it is popular among plastics and artificial Mr. Leather’s favorite i...
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  • Industrial production of fluorescent whitening agent ER and subsequent refining

    Fluorescent whitening agent ER is an earlier fluorescent whitening agent introduced in China. It was the first product to replace the traditional fluorescent whitening agent DT in the 1990s. Early ER dispersions were used in printing and dyeing, and ER dry powder was used in polyester staple fibe...
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  • Detailed explanation of industrial production of fluorescent brightener CBS-351

    Fluorescent whitening agent CBS-351 is an excellent water-soluble whitening agent, especially in the washing industry. Ordinary people have heard of the harm of whitening agents, and most of them have their “merit”. It is mainly used in the washing industry, high-end laundry powder, l...
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  • Detailed production of fluorescent whitening agent OB

    Fluorescent whitening agent OB is a fluorescent whitening agent with an appearance close to pure white, which is in line with the concept of whitening agent in the public impression. It is considered that the whitening agent is white, otherwise how can it be whitened? Since the fluorescent whiten...
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  • How optical brighteners work best

                  You may not be familiar with fluorescent whitening agents. It belongs to B2B products, but it is also heard more or less in people’s daily life. For example, fluorescent whitening agents are carcinogenic, and some negative reports make people...
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  • Ink coating fluorescent whitening agent-how to add fluorescent whitening agent to latex paint

    Latex paint, also known as synthetic resin emulsion paint, is a kind of organic coating. It is a kind of water-based paint prepared by using synthetic resin emulsion as the base material and adding pigments, fillers and various water-based fluorescent whitening agents. According to the different ...
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